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Apr 18

A Cybersecurity Moment

Toward a Safer and More Secure Cyberspace
Seymour E. Goodman and Herbert S. Lin, Editors, 
Committee on Improving Cybersecurity Research in the United States
National Research Council

On a day during which many of us are rushing about trying to secure our servers and our identities from the ravages of Heartbleed, we cannot help but wonder how the issue of cybersecurity can be addressed at a…

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Apr 15

Towards a New Model of Major Power Relations

Towards a New Model of Major Power Relations

Towards a New Model of Major Power Relations
John Podesta, C.H. Tung, Sandy Berger, Wang Jisi
Center for American Progress

February 2014

Growing concern about the state of the US-China relationship is bringing the pundits out in force. Former Clinton Administration officials John Podesta and Sandy Berger got together with former Hong Kong Chief Executive C.H. Tung and Peking…

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Apr 14

The NSA, Snowden, and the Elephant in the Room

The NSA, Snowden, and the Elephant in the Room

Recent revelations from the Snowden-Industrial Complex (SIC) appear to offer evidence that the U.S. National Security Agency hacked into one or more corporate computer systems at Chinese telephone giant Huawei. This was done, ostensibly, to search for evidence to support the suspicion that Huawei was operating in cahoots with the Chinese government to the detriment of US interests.

All of these…

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Apr 13

China and the Money Diversion

China and the Money Diversion

China After Tian’anmen
Perry Link
The New York Review of Books
31 March 2014

Those among us who watch these sorts of things, but who don’t talk about them, share a quiet understanding that 2014 is one of those little anniversary years in China.

The fourth of May marks the 95th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, a 1919 grassroots nationalist campaign protesting the Chinese government’s…

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Apr 10

China is Not Ready for a Short, Sharp War

China is Not Ready for a Short, Sharp War

“Is China Preparing for a “Short, Sharp War” Against Japan?” Brookings Institution. Jonathan Pollack and Dennis Blasko name the elephant in the room in Asia. Their call: the alarm bells sounding at the US Pacific Fleet are premature because China lacks either the doctrine or preparedness to conduct such an operation. The conclusion is debatable, but it is interesting to note that the issue in…

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Apr 08

Op/Ed: Our Ally in Tokyo

Op/Ed: Our Ally in Tokyo

“Stand With Our Ally in Tokyo”
Rep. Randy Forbes

The Diplomat
18 February 2014

Representative J. Randy Forbes, (R-VA), writes this editorial in The Diplomat urging us to stand behind our ally in Tokyo. He makes some good points.

But this is a piece of political advocacy, not a balanced treatise. Forbes needs to be both the political leader and the strong diplomat. While we should stand behind all of…

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Apr 07

CIGI: East Asia Wants Into the Arctic

CIGI: East Asia Wants Into the Arctic

East Asia-Arctic Relations: Boundary, Security and International Politics
Centre for International Governance Innovation

This is a superb recent series of papers from CIGI about the evolving geopolitics of the arctic, this article focuses on the ambitions of East Asian nations like Japan, Korea, and China in the Arctic.

Sovereignty in the Arctic has been a latent issue, and international practice…

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Apr 06

Korea Goes Rogue on China’s ADIZ

Korea Goes Rogue on China’s ADIZ

Korea’s Mistake on China’s ADIZ Controversy | Center for Strategic and International Studies– Dr. Victor Cha of the CSIS calls the government of South Korea to the carpet for allowing China to play “divide-an-conquer” on the ADIZ issue. Korea had apparently quietly and unilaterally approached China on redrawing its ADIZ to eliminate overlaps with Korea’s ADIZ. Cha says the ROK broke faith with…

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Mar 17

China and the New African Great Game

China and the New African Great Game

A Trilateral Dialogue on the United States, China, and Africa
Conference Papers
May 13, 2013

There is a massive literature on China in Africa, and over the next few weeks I am going to be posting links to some of the better, more interesting resources in that regard. This particular Brookings conference paper, which frames a “trilateral” dialogue between the US, China, and Africa, is…

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Mar 03

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Understanding China’s NSC

Understanding China’s NSC

Decoding China’s New “National Security Commission”
Joel Wuthnow, Ph.D.

November 27, 2013

In the wake of the meetings of the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in November, the government announced the creation of a new body to unify and oversee China’s national security apparatus.

At first blush, the body looks a lot like the US National Security Council. Even though details are scant,…

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Mar 01

ICBMs to the Future

ICBMs to the Future

The Future of the U.S. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Force | RAND. The nice folks at RAND lay out the best alternative for extending the cost-effective relevance of American ICBMs. Why is this important? Because it addresses upgrades currently underway in China’s Second Artillery Corps; and it invites additional expenditures in those upgrades. Let the escalation begin.

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Feb 28

Pharma’s Next Billion Patients

Pharma’s Next Billion Patients

bcg.perspectives – Pharma’s Next-Billion Patients

BCG offers a fascinating look at what is at stake for big pharma in China. For that reason alone it is worth reading if you have even the least interest in healthcare in the PRC.

The report’s omissions are glaring, however. Perhaps because it would be impolitic to mention, the report avoids the really tricky questions around pharma in China today.…

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Feb 27

Figuring Out Chinese Travelers

Figuring Out Chinese Travelers

Winning the Next Billion Asian Travelers—Starting with China
Frank Budde, et al.
December 5, 2013

We are not shy to criticize the conclusions of the major consulting houses when they get it wrong on China, so it is only fair that when we catch them doing something right, we say as much. Such is the case with the Boston Consulting Group’s report on China’s outbound travelers.


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Feb 21

China and Japan’s Deteriorating Relationship | The Diplomat -

The Diplomat speaks with Michael Green about the root cause of the tensions, the possibility for conflict, and strategies for repairing relations.